Chicken Tacos


I go grocery shopping once a week. I would love to grocery shop on Sunday or Monday, but sometimes I get busy and don't make it to the store until Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually plan out a week of meals at a time so we can swing by with not grocery shopping on Monday because we can have leftovers or go out to eat. But some weeks, there's a day where I feel like we have NOTHING and if I can't get to the grocery store, I have to get creative. 

Sometimes this doesn't go too well.. but sometimes we end up eating something we don't normally have and its fantastic. This happened this week. I had cooked up all of our meals but still had a few frozen chicken breasts leftover. I threw them in the Crock Pot (still frozen) and searched the cabinets and fridge for other ingredients. I found - a mostly empty jar of salsa, some taco sauce, and an already opened can of tomato puree. I threw those in with the chicken and let it cook most of the day.

I wasn't really planning on having tacos but as the day went on and I started smelling the chicken cooking in those sauces, it smelled like taco night. I threw in some cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper and shredded up the chicken. Then, I just served them up on flour tortillas with guacamole, onion, cucumber, and tomato. 

My husband loves a good sauce, so I mixed a little of the sauce from the crock pot with sour cream, and topped the tacos. SO. FINE. We will be having this again, and it was super easy. Also, have you ever had cucumber on tacos? It's amazing.

Enjoy the recipe! If you click the recipe, a printable version will open in a new tab.