Hello! My is Hannah Abedikichi and this is Abedikitchen (formerly Hannie P. Scott) and I adore food. I began creating recipe books in 2014 as a hobby. I never ever dreamed it would turn into this.

The only thing I love more than food is PEOPLE. I am a mother to two beautiful babies and a wife to an amazing man, so I’ve got plenty of mouths to feed at home. In fact, cooking for my family is one of my greatest sources of joy. I enjoy meals that are simple, healthy, and delicious, and I’ve found that creating wholesome recipes helps me grow as a wife and mother.


Though I mentioned I’m a fan of healthy cooking, I’ll admit that there is a time and place for everything – and often, the time and place for cake is here and now. It’s all about achieving a sense of balance. Ultimately, my goal is to share simple, delicious recipes for REAL PEOPLE.

Why do I do this?

I love food and I love sharing food things with people. Whether it be actually making food to share with my family and friends or sharing recipes and tips with people…..sharing food brings me so much joy.

What is Abedikitchen?

A blog where I share real life things. It will not be perfect. It will sometimes messy. But it will be a breath of fresh and a place to find simple & delicious recipes for real people. My mission is to simplify and uplift, one recipe at a time.

My thoughts…..

I want my blog, recipe books, and overall presence (social media and real life) to be authentic, fun, and uplifting. I want to share recipes and other content that is simple and real life. I want to show the good side of things but also show the messy side. I don’t want to have a perfect Instagram feed of all white background recipes.

I’ll show the beautiful blueberry pancakes but also the burnt cookies…. The perfect shots of the kids all dressed up and clean and smiling, but also the pictures of them with peanut butter all over their faces while they track mud into the house. Food is such a big part of EVERYONE’s lives and it's one of the very favorite parts of my life.

I like things to be simple. I want to help people feed their families delicious BUT super simple recipes. I like healthy recipes and eating healthy, but I love sharing the not-so-healthy things on occasion. A lot of food blogs and food blogger Instagram accounts often overwhelm me with the illusion of perfection, the complicated recipes, the almost unheard of ingredients. I want to be a place where people can come for food and recipe ideas that are familiar and simple, but delicious and fun.

I love food and cooking so much and I want to SHARE that with people.