Caramel Popcorn with a Kick


It’s almost fall. I can feel it in my heart and soul, but not quite in the air yet. Officially, the first day of fall is five days away but I’ve already heard pumpkin spice latte’s mentioned plenty and I’ve seen a couple flannels tied around waists. These flannels must still be worn around waists and not how they are intended to be worn because it is still HOT as heckin’ heck. Five days from fall and we just had yet another nearly 100 degree day. Nearly 100 degree days with like 87% humidity. Wearing a flannel as it is intended seems like it won’t be here anytime soon… yet I can feel fall in my heart and soul.

One of my favorite fall activities is going to a live music event at a park near our house. Of course I love the live music, but probably my favorite part about it is the food. There are tons of food vendors lining the closed down street. And my favorite food to get at this event is caramel popcorn. I really got to craving it lately and decided to give it a try because I just couldn’t wait any longer. What I came up with is pretty different than what we eat at the park but totally delicious and super beautiful (popcorn can be beautiful).

This is a fairly easy recipe… caramel popcorn always seemed slightly intimidating to me but this isn’t hard at all. Just a few ingredients too. We ate this up QUICK, so definitely be prepared for this to be a repeat snack! Click the recipe for a printable copy.

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