Thanksgiving Pies

Pies. They are one of the stars of Thanksgiving. I say that Thanksgiving is the Super Bowl of food..... pie is the halftime show. EVERYONE loves pie. Right??? Okay, so I've mentioned before that I have had some weird/unnatural/dumb/unusual food pickiness. Pie falls into that category. Not necessarily PIE.... but pie crust. I've just never been a huge fan. But everyone loves pie... I am a food blogger... I am a recipe book author... I have to like pie. 

So I made some pies. I seriously spent a whole entire day making pie. All with homemade pie crust, except one that had an Oreo crust. And the verdict is.... I like pie now! I've heard that your taste buds change with age, so maybe since I'm maturing (couldn't bring myself to say "getting older"), I like pie crust now.

I have to give a huge thank you to my husband for taking time out of his work day to go get me a rolling pin. I somehow lost my rolling pin and tried very unsuccessfully to roll out the pie crusts with a jar and I was covered from head to toe in pie ingredients.

If anyone is wondering what I did with all of these pies, after tasting every single one, I divided them up and gave them all to my husband's running friends. I knew if I kept them they would ALL get eaten - mostly by me.

Here are the pictures...... plus the recipes for the pies and the pie crusts below. Click the recipe for a printable version. Also note that I didn't say my pie crust LOOKS good..but it tastes very good!

All of these pie recipes are in the 2017 edition of my Thanksgiving Recipe book! Please check it out here! 2018 edition coming soon!

apple pie.png
butterfinger pie.png
cinnamon pie.png
coconut cream pie.png
sweet potato pie.png