Jack O Lantern Quesadillas

Man….. we have been LIVING IT UP this fall so far. The combination of cooler weather and having two kids who are old enough to actually do EVERYTHING fun this year (read: for the most part, I don’t have to carry either of them all day) has kept us so busy and having so much fun.

We have had zoo trips, pumpkin patch trips, music shows, and so much more. We have pretty much been outside all day every day. We’ve even been eating all of our meals outside, except this morning because it was shockingly 40 degrees outside.

Also, in true Halloween spirit, we’ve been trying to have as much fun/festive food as possible. At least twice a week, we’ve had “halloween pancakes” aka pancakes with eyeball sprinkles. And many days for lunch or dinner, the kids have had Jack O’ Lantern quesadillas. So easy. So quick. And they think they are the best and funniest things ever. Enjoy some of our fall activity pictures below, followed by Jack O’ Lantern quesadillas plus the recipe!