Fish Tacos


I'm a huge fan of tacos (I mean, who isn't) and an extra huge fan of fish tacos. This summer we have been trying super hard to include more fresh and natural (but still easy) foods into our days and these veggie filled tacos are just amazing. To me, the carrots, cucumber, AND cilantro are what make these tacos so delicious.

After we had them the first time, I deemed them as "a repeat meal" because to be honest, some meals are duds or just not really spectacular and we don't ever have them again. But these tacos are EASY and delicious and the best part is... they look and taste super fancy.


The inspo for these TACOS actually came from something that's not even technically a taco. T2 Street Food at St. Roch Market in New Orleans has (had?? maybe. it is no longer on their online menu) something similar but it is served on Roti (flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent). It was so delicious that I had to TRY to recreate it but I wasn't brave enough to attempt to make my own flatbread so I just used super soft Mission fajita tortillas.

Anyway, my attempt was successful. I'm sure their version is way better but my version definitely satisfies my craving. This time I made it with tuna but I've made it with pork belly, steak, and chicken in the past. All were amazing. The recipe is below, click the image for a printable version.