Blueberry Muffins


This recipe is one that holds more meaning to me than any other recipe that I have ever made. My grandmother's blueberry muffins. My grandmother was a wonderful cook. She cooked for her family, friends, and various clubs she was a member of on the reg. She even won national awards.


We stayed with her a lot of days during the summer. She always cooked us breakfast and some days, she would bake blueberry muffins. Those days were the most special to me because I LOVED blueberry muffins (still do) and I felt like she was making them JUST for me. I could smell them before I even got in the house.

They aren't fancy blueberry muffins. No streusel topping, no fancy ingredients, just plain blueberry muffins. But you may notice in the pictures that there are a couple that seem to not have any blueberries. My sister, Leighann, didn't like blueberries so my grandma would always leave 2 or 3 without any. And I just HAPPEN to have a kid that won't eat blueberries so I do the same!


I hope you enjoy the recipe as much as we do. Ruby totally approves! Click the image below to open a printable version!