30 Day Challenge: Going Vegan

I try to do a monthly challenge each month. I've been doing it most of my twenties.... and by that, I mean that I did it most of my twenties and I am continuing to do it now that I'm in my thirties. I've done all sorts of things, mostly dealing with diet and/or health.... no sugar, 30 days of yoga, being a vegetarian for a month, no dairy for a month.... you get the idea. I've done vegetarian and I've done no dairy, but before this month, I had never done vegan. Truly, I had never even considered it.

I decided to try veganism for the month of August for a few reasons. I wanted to try something new, I was hoping that somehow the lack of animal products would miraculously make me feel amazing and lose weight, and also, I kinda wanted to eat all the pasta I could stand.

Honestly, it wasn't that hard. Also, while I'm being honest, I put cream in my coffee a couple mornings out of habit and didn't correct myself. Meal planning ahead of time made it simpler and I was able to try new things plus eat a few things that I love. Things that I mostly ate include::::::

  • bean burritos
  • couscous
  • various pasta dishes
  • a couple salads
  • bean burritos 
  • french fries
  • chips and salsa
  • 16 more bean burritos

I love bean burritos yall. I seriously have eaten about 40 of them in the past month. I did try LOTS of new recipes. I tried a couple recipes from Thug Kitchen and a couple recipes I found on pinterest that I wouldn't have otherwise tried that we ended up loving. Look for those recipes in the coming weeks!

IMG_3448 (1).JPG
IMG_3446 (1).JPG