Twice Baked Potatoes

My sister-in-law is pretty famous for her salads. She brings the most amazing salads to any family get together we have and its always the first thing to go. It seems like even people who wouldn't usually love a salad really love hers. She puts so much love and magic into them.

Last summer we were making dinner at my mother-in-law's cabin in the mountains. We had grilled hamburgers and were making homemade fries and my sister-in-law was making one of her famous salads and she told me a secret (so I'm telling the internet). She said "I really do enjoy making salads but sometimes I wish I was known for potatoes instead"....and i felt like we really bonded, because I also would like to be known for potatoes.

This is the best twice baked potato recipe I've ever tried and coincidentally, the only potato recipe of my sister-in-law's that I've ever tried. I hope you enjoy it and maybe I'll start to be known for my potatoes!