Create Your Own Recipe Book

Do you usually cook from a recipe or go by memory?? There are many recipes I know by memory but I also like to cook lots of new foods and try out new recipes so I often follow along with a recipe as I cook. When following a recipe, what is your favorite way to do so? I’ve tried many things over the years. For a while, I used my phone or tablet to read along and check ingredients and directions as I cook but I have found that method to be somewhat of a hassle, since I have to keep reopening the recipe after my screen shuts down and sometimes the website I’m using crashes and I have to quickly find it again to continue cooking.


For a while, before I began cooking a certain recipe, I would write the recipe out on a dry erase board on my refrigerator or just a sheet of paper that I can quickly glance at while cooking. I really liked this but I would either throw away the paper or erase the board when I was finished and I decided that I wanted to come up with a way to save these recipes for future use, because I always tend to change things up a bit when I’m cooking from a recipe.

So, I created myself a blank recipe sheet and printed out a few copies then when preparing to cook a recipe, the first thing I would do is copy it down onto my printed out recipe sheet. This made things so easy when I was busy cooking. All I had to do was glace over at my written out recipe. Plus, one thing I really love about it, I can make notes and change any ingredients or directions that I did differently and then look back on the changes I made the next time I cooked the recipe. After I made the recipe, I would just put it in a folder. It really was so fun and made things so much simpler.

After doing this for a few weeks, I decided to simplify it even more. I created a recipe book in the way that I create all my other recipe books.... but I left this one blank. So now, I just have to pull my blank book off the shelf in my kitchen and either write down the recipe I'm about to cook, or just flip to a recipe I've already written down. I love this and can't believe it took me this long to start cooking like this. It's been a definite game changer! You can buy these recipe books on amazon but I wanted to give you my printable recipe sheet as a gift to try out! Just click on the image and it will open up a version that you can print!